House of Dankness 10555 E 45th Ave, Denver, CO | 303-373-7373
4 min drive from Peoria store | 9 min drive from Quebec store

Rare Dankness Industries™ was founded in 2010 after many years of growing, collecting, preserving, and experimenting with many varieties of Cannabis. Through our global network of friends, Rare Dankness has been able to work with some of the most sought after and highly coveted genetics. Our collection of genetics spans the last three decades and represents the finest specimens of Cannabis strains in the world.

Golden Meds 4620 Peoria St, Denver, CO | 303-307-4645
Across the street from Peoria store | 11 min drive from Quebec store

Whether you’re looking for flower, edibles, accessories, or any other cannabis product, you’ll find the best available at Golden Meds.



Seed & Smith 5070 Oakland St, Denver, CO | 720-506-2533
5 min drive from Peoria store | 10 min drive from Quebec store

As cannabis legalization became a real possibility, we knew it was time to embrace a revolution. Originating during the tail end of the prohibition era, Seed & Smith was founded on the principals of true best practices, old-school commitment to the craft and the ethical creation of consistent products consumers can trust. Our passion is displayed in small batches in a state-of-the-art facility that’s open for you to visit. Welcome to Seed & Smith.

Lightshade on Peoria 11975 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO | 720-974-7220
9 mins from Peoria store | 13 mins from Quebec store

Whether you’re returning to Colorado following a quick work trip and need to relax, or you’re a tourist taking in all the State of Colorado has to offer, Lightshade Peoria has your premium cannabis needs covered. Located just minutes from the I-70 and Peoria Street exit, our Peoria dispensary makes the perfect destination for Colorado residents and travelers alike. Serving medical marijuana customers and recreational cannabis customers (21+), our Peoria location has the perfect weed products to suit every occasion. Lightshade also has several other locations around town.



Native Roots 7050 Tower Rd, Denver, CO | 720-428-8990
15 mins from Peoria store | 18 mins from Quebec store

Providing a high quality weed experience in the Marijuana Dispensary world is what we do! The Native Roots family is home to twenty of Colorado’s top medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, and counting. Whether you are retail customer in town for a mountain getaway, or are a medical patient living in the Denver Metro Area – a Native Roots location is always just a short trip away. Find the closest store and come join the Native Fam.

Starbuds 5844 Dahlia St, Commerce City, CO | 303-999-0401
8 mins from Peoria store | 6 mins from Quebec store

Starbuds Commerce City location is conveniently located on the corner of 58th and Dahlia. We offer recreational customers a variety of premium quality products, including buds, extracts, and edibles, professional and compassionate consultation services, and excellent pricing. Starbuds has several locations around the area.



Dank 3835 Elm St, Denver, CO | 303-394-3265
14 min from Peoria store | 13 mins from Quebec store

DANK is your friendly neighborhood dispensary near the airport. Just a half-mile south of I-70 in northeast Denver, DANK is easy to reach from the north, south, east, and west. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of potent, affordable, and lab-tested cannabis flowers, extracts, and infused products to recreational and medical dispensary shoppers. We offer competitive prices and rotating daily specials, making us one of the cheapest dispensaries in Denver, without sacrificing quality and kindness.

Medicine Man 4750 Nome St, Denver, CO | 303-373-0752
10 mins from Peoria store | 11 mins from Quebec store

Quality is a point of pride. We take great care during every step in the growing, trimming, and curing process. Our goal is to produce the most consistent, safe, highest quality marijuana possible. At Medicine Man, we grow it so we know it. We have a huge selection of cannabis products including indicas, sativas, hybrids, edibles, concentrates, drinks, clones, tinctures, gear, and pipes. Medicine Man has 3 convenient locations around the Denver metro area.



Terrapin Care Station 11900 E 33rd Ave, Aurora, CO | (303) 954-8402 ext. 4
6 mins from Peoria store | 12 mins from Quebec store

Founded in 2009 in Boulder, Colo., Terrapin Care Station is a consumer-focused cultivator, processor, and provider of high-quality medical and retail cannabis products, with some of the most competitive prices on the market. The company leads the industry in corporate responsibility, developing one of the most comprehensive cannabis training programs for its staff of nearly 250.

Aroma 5433 Quebec St, Commerce City, CO | 303-286-0420
12 mins from Peoria store | 3 mins from Quebec store

Aroma offers a range of high-end recreational marijuana, concentrates, edibles, bongs, vape pens, and topicals along with cannabis gear as anyone in Commerce City as well as the Stapleton and Denver area.
At Aroma, our professional staff can answer your questions and help you choose the right product for you. We have a Cannabis Choice Guide online that can help you get familiar if you are new to marijuana strains, edibles, and concentrates.



High West 10625 E. 51st Ave, Unit 100, Denver, CO | 720-287-0820
7 mins from Peoria store | 10 mins from Quebec store

High West proudly serves Colorado’s community by carrying award-winning cannabis flower, concentrates, connoisseur cannabis products, trade expertise, and affordable pricing. They strive to provide the highest level of professionalism, customer service, and compassion in the cannabis industry.

KrystaLeaves 5301 Vasquez Blvd, Commerce City, CO | 303-802-0026
22 mins from Peoria store | 8 mins from Quebec store

KrystaLeaves uses only Colorado’s finest cannabis brands. Our goal is to incorporate our culture into this industry and care for our community. We are not able to achieve this goal alone, we need our customers and followers to show the power of our products.


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